About Us

About Us

Why We Do It

We have an unwavering belief in the importance of Allied Health providers to the healthcare system – the impact that providers have on the lives and quality of life of us all.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to ensuring that Allied Health practitioners can choose to continue their practice. Our focus is the removal of obstacles preventing these crucial members of our healthcare industry from providing care to their patients.

Our Values

These are behaviors we embrace to accomplish our goals and mission:

  • Bravery – Using the courage to face situations as they are – not as we want them to be
  • Rationality –Approaching problems with reason
  • Authenticity – Being true to ourselves and our values
  • Visionary – Looking ahead to the opportunities and obstacles in the future
  • Empathetic – Exercising a deliberate effort to understand others’ points of view

Meet the team

Get to know us

Mark Fintel


Mark has been involved in Healthcare Professional Liability, in the brokerage, underwriting, underwriting management disciplines, for over twenty-five years. During that time he has had the privilege to touch most, if not all, portions of the Healthcare universe, from allied health program business, to all types of miscellaneous medical facilities, hospitals and senior care facilities; from distressed physician business to life science risks.

Engaged in both individual deal-making and line of business management, he has had the opportunity to engage with brokers, actuaries, insurance department personnel, compliance professional, claims experts and coverage counsel to understand the diverse issues impacting the U.S. healthcare system, with an especial emphasis on liability in general and professional liability in particular.

Across organizations including AIG (Lexington), Allianz (Fireman’s Fund/Interstate) and Willis Towers Watson, he has been fortunate to have had responsibility for forms development, rate analysis and setting, competition and market reviews, program and profit and loss management, distribution expansion and management, regulatory filing and approval, in addition to account underwriting and broker relationships.

Broker Expectations

What you can expect from us:


We will give you our answer as directly and completely as possible.


We will treat all your submissions with the importance and attention to time as they deserve. We know when you contact us its for a reason and you have our attention and commitment to your issues.


We value and respect your relationships with your customers, and we will work to maintain your place as the customers’ contact and primary advocate. Your clients are your clients – we will never try to change that.


We will listen to you. Your opinions and issues matter to us. We do not succeed without our brokers. You have our ears.


We are committed to understanding the clients and their individual needs. Our recommendations and solutions will be driven by what is in the client’s best interests.

We are a resource dedicated to serving individuals who need tailored solutions.